Saturday 29 March 2014

Simple Mechanism to get Earn::

Simple Mechanism to get Earn::

In all over system to be grow-up and rising rapidly due to credit goes to Bull's eye .

The opportunity that change your life...

If you want to turn your life in better way "Secure Life" providing you the faith of it.

--Just By purchasing one product out of many different -different Brand you may insure and secure your family, yourself and many more behind you...

--This is Making Company that based work on Networking Principle.

--This Company is  registered in MCA (U74899DL2001PTC109313).

--This Company has partners of well reputed companies in INDIA as well as FOREIGN too.

--Weekly Payout.

--Binary Concept.

--Pair Commission Rs. 1,000/=.

--Celling Rs. 2,00,000/=

--Nominee also eligible to get their pair commission after the death of the member.

--SEMINARS all over INDIA ( Only on SUNDAY ).

--Special training provided for "FRESHERS".

For more details keep in touch.
Think Fast , Act Fast .....
.Best wishes.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

List of Product Selection and Price/Cost

List of Product Selection and Price/Cost :-

(These are the product available to make ID green and Start the payment process)

Monday 24 March 2014